Math 121 Course Information, Shears

Here are the links to information about this course. Please review all of this information carefully and also review information that is in our course site then let me know if you have any questions. Once the semeseter starts, the preferred way to ask questions about this course is through the discussion board on our course site set up for that purpose.

Course Information Links


Mathematics Department Information

This semester (Fall 2017) in person help will be available at:

  • My Office hours:
    Outside our classroom (EC 105)
    • 12:30 - 1:00AM Mondays and Wednesdays
    • briefly after class as needed both days depending on outside committments
    Note that I also tutor in the Learning Commons at Main campus.

Free Math Tutoring

  • Learning Commons (Main Campus A&S 108):
      Call 517-483-1206 ahead if you are making a special trip to be sure someone is there to help.
    • 8AM-9PM on Mondays through Thursday
    • 11am-4pm on Fridays
    • 10am-4pm Saturdays
    • Appointments are available for one on one tutoring. Call the Learning Commons 483-1206 to schedule.
  • E-mail Laura Shears if you have questions by clicking here. Note: Once the semester starts all student e-mail needs to be done through our course Desire to Learn system so your message does not get lost in the large amount of e-mail that I get in the school account.

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    Materials related to each unit can be found in the following folders

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