Prof. Laura Shears   Math 122 section 10028   Tentative Fall 2017 Calendar   Last Update: 08/24/2017
Tuesday Thursday Notes
Aug. 22
• No School
Aug. 24     1st day
• Introductions / Course Overview
• sec 5.1 and 6.1 The Unit Circle / Angle Measure / Symmetries
• WebAssign Homework
• D2L Homework
• SCOs
Aug. 29     2nd day
• sec. 6.1 Area of a Wedge / Linear/Angular Speed
• sec. 5.1 Key Values
• sec. 5.2 Circular Functions, Pythagorean Identities
Aug. 31     3rd day
• sec. 6.3 Variety of Trig Questions
• sec. 6.2 Right Triangle Trig
• Right Triangle Application Problems
Last day: 100% refund is Aug. 30th
Weekend Honor's: Hyperbolic Functions (2 pts)
Sept. 5     4th day
• sec. 5.3 & 5.4: Basic Graphs Shapes
• sec. 5.3 Transformed Graphs of Sine and Cosine
• sec. 5.3 Special Graphing Cases
Sept. 7     5th day
• Finish graphing
• Finish unit 5 skills and hw
• Review for Unit 5 Test
D2L or WA un 5 hw due Sept. 12th
Last day: 50% refund and no course shown on transcript is Sept. 6th
Sept. 12     6th day
Unit 5 Test sec. 5.1 -5.4, 6.1 - 6.3
Sept. 13     7st day
• sec. 5.5 & 6.4 Inverse Trig Functions
• sec. 5.5 & 6.4 Composition of Inverse Trig Functions
Sept. 19     8th day
Triangle Expermint Act
• sec. 6.5 Law of Sines
• sec. 6.6 Law of Cosines
Sept. 21     9th day
• Triangle Application Problems
• sec. 7.1 Trig Expressions & Identity Proofs
Weekend Honor's Proj. Prove
  • Law of Sines & Cosines (1 pt)
  • Sept. 26     10th day
    • sec. 7.2 - 7.3 Trig Identities
    Sept. 28     11th day
    D2L or WA un 6 hw due July 17th
    • finish unit 6 skills
    • review for unit 6 test
    Weekend Honor's Proj. Prove
  • Sum & Diff ident (1 pt)
  • Double & half angle ident (1 pt)
  • Oct. 3     12th day
    Unit 6 Test sec. 5.5, 6.4 - 6.6 & 7.1 - 7.3
    Oct. 5     13th day
    • sec. 7.4 Basic Trig Equations
    • sec. 7.5 More Trig Equations
    • sec. 8.1 & 8.2 Intro to Polar Coordinates
    Weekend Honor's:
  • More on DeMoivre's Thm (1 pt)
  • Complex Numbers (3 pts)
  • Oct. 10     14th day
    • sec. 8.1 Polar Coordinates
    • sec. 8.2 Polar Equations
    • sec. 8.3 Complex Numbers
    Do Introduction to Vectors Packet for next time.
    Oct. 12     15th day
    • sec. 9.1 Introduction to Vectors
    • sec. 9.2 Vectors
    Oct, 17     16th day
    • sec. 9.1 & 9.2 Finish Vectors
    Oct. 19     17st day
    • Finish Unit 7 Skills
    Finish D2L or WA un 7 hw due Oct. 24th
    • Unit 7 Review
    Oct. 24     18th day
    Unit 7 Test sec. 7.4, 7.5, 8.1 - 8.3, 9.1, & 9.2
    Oct. 26     19th day
    • sec. 10.1- 10.3 Solve Systems of Equations using RREF
    Weekend Honor's:
  • Matrices (1 pt)
  • Vectors (3 pts)
  • Conics Eqtns(1 pt)
  • Oct. 31     20th day
    • sec. 11.1 - 11.4 Introduction to Conics
    • sec. 11.1 - 11.2 Conics
    Nov. 2     21st day
    • sec. 11.3 - 11.4 Conics
    • conics activity
    Weekend Honor's:
  • Eccentricity Defn (3 pts)
  • Winking eye in Face Project (2 pts)
  • Nov. 7     22nd day
    • sec. 8.4 Parametric Equations
    • Build a Face Activity
    Nov. 9     23rd day
    • Finish Unit 8 Skills
    Finish D2L or WA un 8 hw due Nov. 14th
    • Unit 8 Review
    Nov. 14     24th day
    Unit 8 Test sec. 8.4, 10.1 - 10.3, & 11.1 - 11.4
    Nov. 16     25th day
    • sec. 12.1 Sequences and Series, Properties of Summation
    Weekend Honor's:
  • Fractal Project (2 pts)
  • Nov. 21     26th day
    • sec. 12.2 Arithmetic Sequences and Series
    • sec. 12.3 Geometric Sequences and Series
    Nov. 23    
    •No Class, Holiday
    Weekend Honor's:
  • Proof by Induction (2 pts)
  • Nov. 28     27th day
    • sec. 14.1 Basics of Counting: Multiplication, Permutations, Combinations, Addition
    Binomial Counting
    Nov. 30     28st day
    Binomial Template Act
    • sec. 12.6 Binomial Theorem and Pascal's Triangle
    Last Day to drop with a W in Banner is Dec. 4th
    Dec. 5     29th day
    • Finish Unit 9 Skills
    Finish D2L or WA un 9 hw due Dec. 7th
    • Unit 9 Review
    Dec. 7     30st day
    Unit 9 Test sec. 12.1 - 12.3, 12.6, 14.1
    Makeup Exam Week*
    *See the Concourse Syllabus for what you are required to do before being allowed to take a makeup exam or test.
    Dec. 12     31st day
    • Final Exam Review Day
    Dec. 14     32nd day
    Comprehensive Final Exam

    If you miss a class, go online to see what we did and submit any activity that we did that day. Missing a class is not an excuse to not keep up with the material. It will be up to you to read and study what was missed.

    For most lecture days there is a daily skills assignments that you write up by hand and is due at our next class. I will give you feedback and then you can make corrections for full credit. No credit is given for them after the corresponding test.

    Also on most lecture days, there will be some in class problems or projects to do that are designed to either help you discover a mathematical concept or begin to practice a skill that we just discussed. If you miss a class you can do the class activity on the same day or the very next day and send it to me electronically through D2L for credit. If you miss that deadline it will just count as one of your missed activities to be dropped. Check D2L to find out what skills and activities you missed.

    Instructor Availability Outside of Class

    Office Hours:
    Location: A&S 312
    Class days 11:30 - 12:00 noon
    Tutoring Hours:
    Free tutoring will be available several hours per week. Generally the Learning Commons tries to have a math tutor on duty during all open hours on the main campus and several additional hours on the West and East campuses. I am one of the tutors. Stop by A&S 108 to begin taking advantage of these services or call 483-1206 to schedule an appointment or check on drop in help availability.
    Please use D2L e-mail.
  • Class Meets: GB 1265     12:10 - 2PM     TR
  • WebAssign can be accessed through a link in D2L or directly. Our class key is: lcc 7565 7298
  • Complete Syllabus (must be logged in to see all details)
  • Should you need to drop, please keep the drop dates posted on the above schedule in mind. Also, if you miss more than 1 of anything (classes, class activities, skills, homework at 75% or above, or a test, please contact me to discuss the situation and avoid an administrative drop if it looks feasible for you to continue in the course successfully.
  • Tutoring Information:
  • Details about what we did on any given day will be posted in D2L. Check for announcements and check for revised agendas in D2L.

    You will also find grades posted in D2L. You can also use the grade form below to keep track of your grades. Compare your records to the ones I post in D2L and let me know if something doesn't seem correct.

    There are 5 tests. You may makeup up to 2 of them if you missed them or are unhappy with your scores. Make sure you have all corresponding graded homework/skills done to 100% correct before making this request. Feel free to ask for help.

    If you would like to earn an H on your transcript and you earn at least a 3.0 in the course, you need to do at least 15 points worth of honor's projects. The points may also be used as extra credit points. Additionally, you will get the opportunity to earn extra credit points on test days by taking the tests on time and then working with your classmates to discuss problems with each other and retake the test as a group.


    Question: What happened to units 1 - 4?     Answer: Those units are in Math 121. This course uses the same book and continues where Math 121 left off. Math 121 material is presumed knowledge.

    Unit 5 Topics

    Unit 6 Topics

    Unit 7 Topics

    Unit 8 Topics

    Unit 9 Topics

    Final Exam Date: December 14th