Programming History

While teaching I run across ideas for manipulatives and programs that I think will help enhance my students education and facilitate communication of mathematical concepts between me and my students, so to keep my mind busy and to help me continue to enjoy my work as a teacher, I am learning to program. I was busy during the summer of 2003 writing a PHP program that generates random triangles for students to solve.

During the spring semester of 2004, I started learning Flash in a course here at LCC and now I have some Flash programs to use in my trig class. I am still working on more Flash programs. You will find many of the programs that I have made on my personal website at:

I also have studied a little bit of Java and a little bit of VB.Net here at LCC, but I haven't had time to make many new programs in these languages yet.

Right now, I am programming mostly for fun and to enhance the courses I teach. I am hoping that students will get a better understanding of some difficult topics by playing with an interactive program related to those topics. I encourage other teachers that teach the same topics to use my programs and give me feedback also. I know that there is room for improvement on many of the programs and I will keep working to improve them. I am hoping someday to be able to sell some of my more involved programs or to get a job at a place like our own LCC developing programs to help other teachers teach their topics. Right now, I am not making any money off of this venture, but the excitement of having a program come together and the idea that it might enhance a student's understanding is enough for now.

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