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(Work is in progress. I am still looking for more race results. Some results were found at: Athlinks)

1 mile

St. Louis Fun Run
in conjunction with Dad's marathon
2-27-197714  9:249:24This was my first race. This was also at the same marathon that I came back and ran 3 years later. My dad inspired me. Both of my parents were very supportive.
Track Meets in High School: Barely broke 7 minutes for a mile during freshman and sophmore years. During my junior year, I ran cc and a marathon before track season and my time dropped to 6:19 in our preseason time trial and then under 6 minutes during the season. I believe my best time was around 5:43, but I don't have exact infromation. During my senior year, I didn't improve over my junior year. I ran under 6 minutes, but may not have run as well as my junior year.

1.9 mile cross country

Southport Invitational9-2590-198018 13:357:09 
dual meet8-25-198018 12:536:47 
There were many more meets than this both this year and the year prior, but I have not found those results yet.

2 mile

Meridian 2 mile7-3-199330  16:338:16.5Greenwood, IN
Army PT test11-8-198927  14:18.57:09.25 
Army PT test10-22-198927  14:257:12.5 
Army PT test10-11-198927  13:326:48course was 50 feet short, but this was taken into consideration when figuring pace
Army PT test12-8-198826  15:067:33 
Army PT test11-11-198826  15:007:30 
Army PT test11-6-198826  15:007:30 
Army PT test2-28-198825  14:217:10.5 

2.5 mile

High School Cross Country


Indpls. Womens 5k8-31-2013511st out of 33W 50-5425:53.68:2111th out of 378 total
Do More Be More4-03-2010472nd out of 4W 45-4924:307:54overslept and almost missed this race
whole family ran in it
43rd out of 138 total
Polar Bear Run1-31-2010471st out of 14W 45-4924:528:0151st out of 190 total
Turkeyman Run11-23-2006444th out of 42W 40-4422:247:14136 out of 727 total
Dallas Lincoln Races9-22-200240 4th 32:1810:23pushed a baby jogger
Dallas Lincoln Races9-23-200139 5th 44:1314:13pregnant: walked
Dallas Lincoln Races9-24-200038 3rd 29:049:21 
Dallas Lincoln Races9-20-199836 2nd 29:179:25pregnant: miscarried later that day
Howell Melon Festival8-16-19963410th out of 19W 30-3426:528:39166th out of 283 finishers
Howell Melon Festival8-18-19953311th out of 20W 30-3426:518:39167th out of 283 finishers
Run for Reading08-14-1993313rd out of 10W 30-3423:317:35 
Sunburst South Ben, IN6-05-1993308th out of 54W 30-3424:187:50 
Jack Breslin4-18-1993303rdW 30-3424:067:46123rd out of 291 total
Dinosaur Dash10-10-199230  25:058:05.5 
Howell Melon Run8-21-199230  25:228:11 
Lugar Run6-13-1992299th out of 24W 25-2924:397:57230 out of 495
Michigan Run6-6-199229  23:167:30 
SIDS at MSU5-16-1992295th out of 41W 25-2923:047:26122nd out of 478
Jack Breslin4-26-1992294thW 25-2923:317:35.2130th out of 291 overall
Guessing: Dinosaur Dash10-26-199129  25:228:11 
Indpls. Leading Ladies8-19-19902833rd out of 65W 25-2925:088:05118th out of 612 overall
Bears of Blue River Run8-26-198927  22:547:23.2 


Foot Fest11-26-200947  31:33.537:53.422nd out of 84 total
Rambo Run I9-30-1989271stW 25-2929:337:23.25Camp Attabury


Playmaker's Autumn Classic9-21-20034118th 47:369:34Was pushing a double baby jogger while Dale pushed a single baby jogger.


Cardinal Run3-12-199431  37:397:32 


NIPSCO's Pure Energy1993314th out of 6W 30-3449:508:18 
Marathon-Marathon and 6mi5-31-19801724thW open47:187:53601st
Pizza Hut Marathon & 6mi19791728 47:537:59 
Marathon-Marathon and 6mi6-02-19791648thW open49:518:18.5674th
Pizza Hut Marathon & 6mi11-5-197816463 50:16.38:23 
Marathon-Marathon and 6mi6-04-197714496thW open54:329:05.3496th
Spring Running Festival,
Bloomington, IN
4-16-19771425thW open55:149:12.3 


Sweatheart Run2-14-2004412nd W 40-4448:237:47 
Snowflake Run1-10-2004412nd W 40-4449:157:55 
Riverfest (Indpls.)8-3-200341  W 40-441:01:409:55Had a problem in front where right leg attaches. Thought I was going to quit after just a few hundred yards, but then something popped and then I ran fine while gradually picking up the pace. The problem had been bothering me for several days before this event, but once I felt that pop, I didn't have further problems.
Cleveland Revco5-16-199330 91st out of 361 W 30-3451:34.758:19.2woke up with a cold
placed 374th out of 1828 females
placed 2808th out of 6335 finishers
 2-17-199128  54:498:50.5 
ROTC day11-4-198927  47:477:42Wanted to run under 7:10, but it was a windy day and I didn't have it in me.
ROTC day11-5-198826  47:577:44 
New Years Hang Over Run1-1-198825  47:31.597:4025 laps on IUPUI track
ROTC day11-7-198725  45:267:20Thought the course was a little short. If only 6 miles, then pace would be 7:34
Cleveland Revco5-15-19832096th out of 175 55:168:55pregnant with Ken
576th out of 1355 females
Bonnie Bell, Cleveland10-18-19811912th out of 80W 19-2444:447:1256th out of 694
very little training; iron 3 times per day due to discovery of anemia made all of the difference
Cleveland9-07-198119  51:148:16 
Dino DashFall 198119  49:37.37:31.11233rd out of 428 finishers

8 mile

Mackinac Island 89-8-2007454W 45-4962:407:50184th place overall
Mackinac Island 1 or 2 other times.

10 mile

Capital City River Run9-25-200543 9thW 40-441:20:258:02.5Planned on doing a 9 minute pace since this was my first race after plantar fasciitis and my mileage was very low. Lucky I didn't get injured. Felt like I had run a marathon for the next 3 weeks, but was esctatic that I ran that well on so little mileage. Would have finished very slowly, but I heard someone ahead of me whine about how much further and I had to beat that person.
Crim8-28-199331 84th out of 172W 30-341:26:588:41406th out of 996 females
Muncie 1012-9-1979171stfemale 18 and under1:17:567:47.6 

Half Marathon

Lansing Half Marathon5-4-2014515thwomen's 50-541:55:56.68:51right knee pain during and after race: IT band injury
Lansing Half Marathon4-21-2013505thwomen's 50-541:57:499:00right knee pain after race
River Run9-16-2012507women's 50-541:55:018:46 
Indpls.Women's Half9-01-2012501150-542:05:359:35walked a couple of miles
Lansing Half Marathon4-22-2012493rdwomen's 45-491:50:478:28 
Sam Costa3-25-2006433rd out of 17W 40-441:42:417:506th in master's open out of 48
Sam Costa3-21-2004412nd out of 13W 40-441:48:188:15 
Indpls. Mini Marathon5-06-199431place in divdivision1:50:378:27 
Indpls. Mini Marathon5-dd-199027place in divdivisiontimepacehaving troubles finding results
Sam Costa3-3-1985224th out of 4W 19-241:57:529:00baby often interupts training
Cleveland Heart-A-Thon9-13-198119  1:51:39.728:31.4 
Indpls. Mini Marathon5-dd-198118place in divdivisiontimepacehaving troubles finding results
Sam Costa Half Marathon2-10-1980174thwomen's open1:40:177:39was very excited to go a sub 8 minute pace for a race of this length; finished strong


Glass City Marathon4-25-2004412ndwomen's 40-444:19:2316:30walked a couple of miles
St. Louis Marathon3-2-19801712thwomen's open3:50:138:47first time that I went that distance; ran non-stop

Hawk Island Triathlon: 400m (increased to 500m in 2015) swim, 16k bike ride, 5k run

Date place in
age group
place o'all ageage group rankswim ranktran1 rankbike ranktran2 rankrunrun pace time Notes
Sept. 13, 2015 2nd out of 15 42nd out of 113 finishers
10th out of 52 females
5340 and up (master's) 30th female14:49 4th female2:02 10th female37:46 51st female2:44 7th female27:098:45 1:24:31 swim pace: 2:57 felt good on swim. Bike pace: 15.8 mph. I think I can improve a lot on the bike. Running was slow for me. My feet were frozen. My second transition was slow. I was trying to dry and thaw out my feet more before running.
May 31, 2015 7 out of 14 - 5250-54  17:31  3:04  43:13  5:27  29:17- 1:38:30 Raining and cold. A lot of people didn't finish the bike ride due to flats. There were a ton of potholes. Medics had to get more warm blankets to help those stranded on the bike course with preventing hypothermia. I was happy to just finish the race and didn't really care about my time. It became more about survival.
June 1, 2014 9 out of 26 279 out of 653 5150-54 1912:49 32:11 733:59 212:05 325:488:19 1:16:50 1 min off goal on bike. Improving bike handeling skills alone could help me make this goal.
3 min off goal on swim. Need to swim more often, year round, and with more practice in adverse conditions.
Made both transition goals.
2 min off goal on run - had a muscle in right buttox cynge up on me. Need more training and more stretching.
June 2, 2013 13 out of 32 353 out of 705 5050-54 2311:12 112:44 935:38 202:22 627:288:52 1:19:22  
June 3, 2012 7 out of 26 310 out of 713 4945-49 2312:29 72:42 835:37 182:23 224:467:59.4 1:17:55  
June 5, 2011 10 out of 33 328 out of 690 4845-49 2412:27 92:30 734:20 91:47 427:038:44 1:18:05  
June 6, 2010 5 out of 31 253 out of 766 4745-49 2111:23 153:07 532:57 101:54 224:317:55 1:13:51 Had bloody foot problems. Had to take time in transition to apply bandages. Tried running without socks a few days before.
May 31, 2009 5 out of 35 221 out of 642 4645-49 2011:15 82:29 733:35 192:02 425:178:09.4 1:14:38  
June 1, 2008 2 out of 24 144 out of 487 4545-49 139:06 42:20 334:20 111:41 123:577:44 1:11:21  
June 3, 2007 1 out of 13 88 out of 243 4440-49 10 9:42 rank: 5   |   bike and transitions: 38:43 124:417:58 1:13:06  

Other Triathlons

Event Date place in
age group
place o'all ageage group rankswim ranktran1 rankbike ranktran2 rankrun time Notes
Playmaker's Classic
9/10/2011 5 out of 9 77 out of 124 49W 45-49 819:52 11:39 548:00
16.3 mph
61:45 133:25
8:22 min/mi
1:44:40 raining affected bike ride, water was icy cold
Indianapolis Sprint Triathlon
8/25/2007 7 out of 15 339 out of 560 45W 45-49 1216:23 62:25 736:47
16.3 mph
92:22 224:43
8:14.3 min / mi
1:22:40 raining affected bike ride
Autumn Colors Tri
Holly MI
9/17/2006 5th out of 7 148th out of 186 44  rankswim ranktran1 rankbike ranktran2 rankrun 2:40:48 Ended up in urgent care that evening because of severe pain in right ankle due to running on rutty trails. Fortunately it healed quickly and it was only strained. Had stopped on way home to buy a bag of frozen vegetables to ice my ankle.