In case you're interested I thought I would tell you about the background image used to create this course theme.  It is a mathematically generated image done by taking the color code for white which = ffffff in base 16 and dividing it by the year (2013 in base 10).   ffffffbase 16 = 16777215base 10 and then adding that increment to the color code for black = 0. You repeatedly add the increment until you get 2013 strips of color. If you add the increment one more time, you get back to white.

All this uses the convention used in web design and most computer programs where base 16 represents color made with the primary colors of light which are red, green, and blue. Note that this is different than the primary colors you were taught as a kid, because you were taught the primary colors of pigment (such as paint). Light is opposite of pigment. Anyway, when you write your html or css code to design a webpage, you tell it what colors you want to use by letting the first 2 digits represent the amount of red, the second 2 digits represent the amount of green, and the last 2 digits represent the amount of blue. White is the mixture of 100% of all 3 colors which is why white is represented by ffffff, so the number of shades of each color is 256 shades. 00 represents none of that color and ffbase 16 = 255base 10 represents a full amount of that color.

If you would like to learn more about counting in a different base counting system, you can play with my alien arithmetic program.

If you want to run a program that converts the numbers for you, you can use a base converter.

If you want to learn more about primary colors, you can read about it at my color wheels program and if you want to practice mixing colors, you can use both the color wheels program, or my java colors program.

If you would like to make your own color strips for a variety of numbers, you can play with the color strip program. For some number of strips, you can't see the whole thing unless you fiddle around with the window size that contains the program.

I am thinking of making another color strip program, where the colors are in a different order than red, green, and blue (RGB).  This will require me to do a little mroe math to figure out the code since everything will have to be converted back to RGB for the computer to understand what color I want it to draw, so it should make for some interesting programing as well as a nice variety of color strips for any one number.  Actually, there will be 6 possibilities:  RGB, RBG, GRB, GBR, BRG, BGR.  I love math and I love programming, because there is just so much you can do with both including creating works of art.